My friend and I talked about this problem in a chat. From then on, I began to think about how to evaluate the value of a piece of Jianshui purple pottery. To put it bluntly, how much should a piece of purple pottery cost before you.


As a commodity, the price of Jianshui purple pottery, like other products, is a serious and sensitive issue, which needs careful consideration. Because the price is directly related to the transaction between consumers and producers, and the circulation of a commodity; to a large extent, the price is related to the circulation of products and capital of an industry, thus affecting the development of the whole industry.


The normal situation should be: most works should be evaluated from the perspective of actual cost and practical value; a small number of works should be evaluated from the perspective of personal representative works, industry initiative and industry representative works; a few works can even ignore the cost and evaluate the value from the perspective of artistic creation.



At present, Jianshui purple pottery, no matter from the number of works or the composition of consumer groups, the absolute majority of which consider practical value first. In terms of product composition, most manufacturers and workshops will first consider the scope of consumers’ tolerance, and this part of the product accounts for the majority. This part of the product highlights the practical value of Jianshui purple pottery, and does not spend too much energy on external decoration. As consumers, most of the purchase of Jianshui purple pottery, the first consideration is also the price factor; as long as the work has no hard injury, then the price is appropriate, they will pay, and the requirements for decoration are lower than the first two factors.


I wrote in an earlier article that the works of the same author should be graded. If the same batch of things comes out, some are good, some are inferior, some are slightly defective and some are invalid. These works will be classified into one, two or three grades and evaluated as different values. On the other hand, the author tends to do more general market currency, and at the same time, he will spend more time and effort to create several works representing his own craft and artistic level as their representative works. These works are either awarded or used as their own benchmark works. They are quite different from the general currency value.



Jianshui purple pottery is a craftsmanship, with a complex process. In the process of rapid development, new people and foreign culture are constantly added and integrated, which leads to continuous technological innovation. The value of the work of the founders of a certain craft can not be evaluated simply from the perspective of cost; they are unprecedented, promoting the development of the whole Jianshui purple pottery industry and improving the cultural connotation of Jianshui purple pottery (such as color filling, micro carving and other innovative techniques). Although there are later comers, they can never replace the value of the founders. They are a kind of The symbolic character of innovative technology.


There is also a kind of author’s works that can not be evaluated from the perspective of cost. They are the people who can never get around the purple pottery industry in Jianshui. Some of them wrote books, traveled around the country, and contributed a lot to the publicity and promotion of Jianshui purple pottery; some of them initiated the establishment of Jianshui purple pottery industry development organizations, and served as the main management positions, promoting and standardizing the development of Jianshui purple pottery; some of them had better software and hardware environment for Jianshui purple pottery, improving the development of the whole industry Some of them actively organize and participate in various activities of Jianshui purple pottery, and gradually promote the culture of Jianshui purple pottery to more people; some of them


All the participants of Jianshui purple pottery, especially the manufacturers, workshops, personal workshops and sales outlets in various places, have more or less benefited from these people. If there is no country, there is no home. If there is no such people, there is no place for a small workshop to survive.



The last group of writers have profound artistic accomplishment. They are either from professional background and have received special artistic training; or they have a place in their own art field by relying on their persistence. The value of art can even be ignored from the perspective of the author’s artistic creation. Most of the time, there is no standard, there is no fixed number, sometimes just because a Taoyou simply like a work, its transaction price may be tens of thousands of thousands.


Most of the works from the cost and practicality to assess the value, the industry will not form a bubble, in order to solid and steady development; a small number of works from the above several other angles to assess the value, will play a leading role in the whole industry; both art and culture benchmarking, and ordinary lovers can consume currency, the whole industry can develop healthily.

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