“These are three bamboo pots. What do you think?”


“To tell you the truth, it’s not the type I like. Is there any representative works of this teacher, such as remnant posts? “Color fill?”


“What do you think of these three? I didn’t put it out at ordinary times, especially this piece of remnant post of Xi Shi. You should like it. ”


“It’s really good. I’ll compare the three just now. Xi Shi likes it very much. Capacity? Price? ”


“Capacity 230cc, price ×××× yuan.”



“Why is it so much more expensive than online?”


“This pot is well made, and the works of the same person are also graded.”


“Yes, how much can I get


“Xi Shi only picked out this one. It’s really gratifying. The lowest price is ×××× yuan.”


“All right, plus yesterday’s ×××× yuan?”


“Yes, yes, thank you for your trust.”


A few days later……


“The goods have been received. Teacher XX’s pot is really good. I like it very much.”



At this time, I always feel a heavy sense of responsibility. I’m afraid that customers will say that the pot is too pit after receiving it. Why is the pot worth so much money? Back! Back! Back!


Therefore, every time you choose a pot to take a picture, and every time you choose a pot for a friend in wechat, you should always carefully check every detail. Many times, it’s a pity that a beautiful pot can’t be recommended to customers because it has a little flaw. Occasionally, customers will find some defects that I didn’t see, and they will always ask them to return it. Some customers really like it, and I will refund some money as compensation.


I’ve been in contact with Jianshui purple pottery for nearly 10 years. As my friends in wechat know, I don’t like to send Jiugongge pictures in the circle of friends. Many times, friends come to me in private chat and ask me to recommend the pot. I send them some photos taken on the spot for selection, and they often say, “this one, this one, this one… Send them to me together. You can control the quality.”



I cherish this trust too much. It’s hard won. Therefore, whenever there is any defect in the work, I will take photos to show them. I have the experience of buying inferior goods with money. So I was given a relatively generous reward two days ago and asked me to sell his works. However, the price of the work was so general that it was rejected in the end. Therefore, the special tea cans were sold out in less than two days, because we all know that the price is real, I just made the money I should have made. In the past two days, some friends have received the goods and they have responded very well. I also thank them very much for choosing the best tea pot and sending them to them.


I don’t know where Jianshui purple pottery will eventually go. Maybe most of us don’t need to comment on its direction. We are in this position at the moment, with such a group of friends together, it is really good to do the things in front of us. We don’t need to comment on which author has done well or not. Time and market will make the most fair choice. We also don’t need to care about the same author’s pot, why ABC sells 600, D sells 800, and whether customers will understand.


In fact, the reason is very simple. ABC, good or bad, has taken away a lot of works; D has picked out three excellent works from a pile of works.

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