Behind the scenes of every exquisite carving work of Jianshui purple pottery, there are unknown but skilled craftsmen who are sweating.


It is very difficult to be proficient in the process of each process and to operate each process with ease. Jianshui purple pottery itself does not require this. The long-term production practice shows that the best works can be produced only if the division of labor is clear and each process is handed over to the best person.


Jianshui purple pottery fully embodies the saying that “there is a specialty in the art industry”. Among them, the most important part of carving and decoration is often in the charge of female craftsmen.


Xiaofeilong is a sculptor and filling craftsman of a famous purple pottery studio in Wanyao village. These two days, she is filling a large purple pottery vase. Five days ago, the painting of the late autumn mountain residence on the bottle was created by a famous painter in the province, and the engraving and filling work was assigned to her.


She has been working on the carving process for five days. The composition of the painting is complex and the colors are diverse. It is very difficult to complete this work. At present, there are three carving craftsmen in the studio, but only she is qualified for this work.



After a morning’s dedicated work, she only completed the carving of a small area of the painting. Lunch in the studio, a total of 12 of them take turns cooking, 11 a.m., the turn of the cook will put down the work in hand to cook. A few simple home dishes, less than half an hour to eat, and then rest half an hour, continue to work in the afternoon.


“You have done so well that you can’t see your work in the market?”


“We usually don’t sign the inscriptions, so you can’t see the works with my name, but the teapots and vases that you usually see are filled with exquisite colors. Maybe there are my works among them.”


“It is said that color filling craftsmen like you are very popular in Jianshui at present. Your income should be very high?”


“At present, the supply is really in short supply. A year ago, I started to do engraving and filling in three studios, and now I often do it in five places. The income of good engraving and filling technologists is very good, at least I’m very satisfied with it. Another advantage is that I’m more free now. I’ll pick up the children two hours later in the afternoon, and the time is free to arrange.”


“Have you ever thought about making your own signed work?”


“Yes, four years ago, when I was an apprentice, I really didn’t know anything. After I mastered the carving and filling skills, I practiced painting, learning color, painting decoration and engraving related knowledge of Jianshui purple pottery painting. Now I can decorate some simple works, and in two years I will set up a studio to do my own works.”


“Now there are many young girls who want to learn to fill in. I also have them. Do you have any good suggestions for them?”


“In fact, I think we all understand that there is no secret to doing a good job. If you want to say yes, doing it is the biggest secret. Carving test is careful and patient, and many girls can’t stick to it. Once the freshness of the beginning is over, the rest is the boring work repeated every day. Good skills are made, and it is necessary to learn how to fill in This level, but many people are looking for various reasons to give up halfway! “


Just as xiaofeilong said, engraving and filling is a test of care and patience, which reflects the most women’s quiet work style incisively and vividly. The careful, patient, able to endure and not impatient personality is the reason why they are competent. They always pay in silence behind the scenes, each piece of exquisite works can be presented to everyone through their hard work.


“Behind a successful man, there must be a great woman.” behind a fine purple pottery, there must be a great engraver.

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