People always try their best to get to the bottom of their favorite things. People often ask me various questions through wechat, many of which are related to Jianshui purple pottery. Most of these questions can be answered by me. A few need to find information or take a pot at hand to make some explanations.


But there is a question I really can’t answer for a long time: why do you like Jianshui pottery?


Handmade? Incomplete beauty? Unique color filling? Unglazed finish? Suitable for making tea? Suitable for storing tea and waking up tea? … seems unable to answer this question, because each of the above reasons is slightly far fetched. So we have to think about how Jianshui pottery moved more and more people.


Handmade things are always moving, because it contains the sweat and ideas of the creator. Imagine a pile of common mud, which is made into a beautiful purple pottery pot step by step by a skilled craftsman. It is also a pleasure to have the honor to record this process.


In addition, pure manual means slow rhythm and unpredictable changes. Slow rhythm fills the psychological needs of modern people, and unpredictable changes indicate that there may be surprises. The psychological effect makes people like handmade things.


Incomplete beauty needs originality to avoid becoming a plaster. Although the remnant calligraphy evolved from the pile of brocade and ashes has been simplified, the requirements for artists’ artistic accomplishment have not been reduced. Therefore, we often see two pieces of work that are both fragmentary and covered with exquisite details. The overall effect is antique and intriguing; the other is messy and casual, so it is better not to stick them.


There has been communication before. This process combines the blank drawing craftsman, calligrapher, engraver, colorist and plasterer. If one step is not done well, the overall effect will be greatly affected, and even if the skill level is not good, it will be filled into another picture, which completely deviates from the artistic conception that calligraphers and painters want to express.


Unglazed polishing seems simple, but it is not easy. It is not easy to grind a vessel on a high-speed rotating disc to maintain the polishing effect and not to damage the vessel. Lighting effect needs countless operations, technology, patience and care.


Therefore, every step of Jianshui pottery is full of “ingenuity”. Therefore, if you like Jianshui pottery, you actually like the “craftsman spirit” presented by Jianshui pottery.


“Craftsman’s spirit” is a hot word. I don’t want to talk about it easily, because in today’s China, it seems too luxurious to talk about “craftsman spirit”. Most of the people who boast themselves are just self boasting. Few of the real craftsmen know that, because real craftsmen don’t boast themselves.


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